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The dollars and cents of nuts and seeds

Last month I was doing my taxes and hunting through receipts for an item I'd bought at Costco. What jumped ...
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Goldenberries are super, but please don’t call them a superfood

My flirtation with this fascinating new (to me) fruit began sometime last year when I saw dried goldenberries on the ...
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The perks (and quirks) of being married to a dietitian

I was having coffee last week with dietitian Kim Wagner Jones when she mentioned that people in her husband's office ...
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Better Butter: My answer to the butter wars

Rarely does a day go by that I'm not asked for my thoughts about the great butter versus margarine debate ...
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Fun, interactive workshops are my specialty. I know how to keep people engaged and inspired to try new eating habits.


A supportive and honest discussion on the relationship of weight to health and a look at what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect.

A little sugar is fine, but too much can derail your health. Learn how to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Do you get enough protein? Join me for a discussion of the latest research and practical protein pointers.