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7 easy sandwich alternatives to processed meat

We've had three weeks to digest the World Health Organization (WHO) statement about processed meat and cancer, and the most ...
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Meal planning, part 4: My weekly routine

This is the conclusion of a four-part behind-the-scenes look at my meal planning tips and tricks. Quick recap of where ...
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Breakfast For The Rushed: 15 ideas for when you’re short on time

First week of September. First week back at school, for Calgary public schools at least. How did your morning go? ...
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Heart-Healthy Store-Bought Shortcuts

"I don't have time" is one of the most common reasons I hear for eating takeout and boxed meals. People ...
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Fun, interactive workshops are my specialty. These are a few popular topics. Details and more topics here.


A supportive and honest discussion on the relationship of weight to health and a look at what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect.

A little sugar is fine, but too much can derail your health. Learn how to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way.

One in four Canadians eat in a fast food restaurant on any given day. I’ll help your team navigate this jungle.

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