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Behind the scenes of my meal planning system, part 1: Recipes!

Quick, what are you having for dinner tonight? How about tomorrow? If those questions make you uneasy, join me for ...
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PURE Study: Should you be eating more fat?

I returned from a blissful summer holiday and news about the PURE study dropped before I could even catch up ...
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7 “no boring salads” using summer greens

I have a rule: No boring salads. Family members count on me to bring the green stuff when they're hosting ...
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The one thing we need to add to the coconut oil conversation

The American Heart Association (AHA) released a 17-page review of the scientific literature on Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease this ...
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Fun, interactive workshops are my specialty. I know how to keep people engaged and inspired to try new eating habits.


A supportive and honest discussion on the relationship of weight to health and a look at what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect.

A little sugar is fine, but too much can derail your health. Learn how to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Do you get enough protein? Join me for a discussion of the latest research and practical protein pointers.