10-Day Blood Pressure Challenge Resources

To Prepare:

Tracking Sheet – you may wish to print this and post it on your fridge or bulletin board

Hypertesion Canada tips for when and how to properly measure your blood pressure

Facebook group – This is where I’ll answer questions and you’ll see food pics, tips, and messages of support from fellow participants.

Shopping Guide and Recipes – everything you need to stock up for the challenge

Sign-up link, if you want to invite family and friends to join us

Hungry? Help yourself to my printable list of 25+ heart-healthy snacks. 

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Day 1: 4-5 servings of fruit

Day 2: 4-5 servings of vegetables

Day 3: Make all your grains whole

Day 4: Enjoy nuts and/or seeds

Day 5: Include legumes/pulses in a meal or snack

Day 6: Have 2-3 servings of milk products

Day 7: Keep your sodium under 2000mg

Day 8: Get 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise

Day 9: Check your vices: Alcohol, caffeine, smoking?

Day 10: Practice active relaxation

Other Resources:

DASH tracking sheet