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Blood Pressure 


starts June 9! 

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Monday, June 3 .)

Learn to address high blood pressure using 

proven food and lifestyle approaches.

Hi! I'm Cheryl. I'm a registered dietitian
specializing in cardiac nutrition
and eating delicious food.

1 in 5 adults in Canada live with high blood pressure, with 1 in 3 of them having uncontrolled high blood pressureThat's 2.5 million people with unnecessarily elevated risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney problems, and more.

It doesn't have to be that way. We have plenty of tools in our toolbox to address this problem, from eating practices to medication.

Is your blood pressure a concern?

  • Is your blood pressure occasionally a little high? (That's 140/90 mmHg or higher in Canada.)
  • Or is it well-controlled, but you'd like to reduce your reliance on medications?
  • Or are you in the "moderate risk" zone, 121/80 to 139/89 mmHg, as it's called by Hypertension Canada, which the American Heart Association now classifies as "elevated" or "high blood pressure" (depending on the exact reading). Names like "high normal" and "pre-hypertension" have been used in the past. Regardless of the term used, it merits attention.
  • Or do you have diabetes? (In which case they recommend your blood pressure be below 130/80 mmHg.

If so, join us for the next challenge!

We'll take 10 days to explore the food and lifestyle approaches that have been proven to help lower blood pressure. Sign up below.

  • I'll send you a tracking sheet, shopping guide, and recipes. (They're just to give you ideas. There won't be a prescriptive meal plan. You decide what you'd like to eat.)
  • Each day I'll send an email with one simple step you can practice.
  • We'll support each other in a private Facebook group. You can share what's working and what's not. I'll answer questions and we'll help each other problem-solve.

Our focus will be on practicing lifestyle approaches that help with blood pressure, not weight loss. (Here's why.)
But most of all, our aim will be to have fun and enjoy the food along the way! 

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