You can rely on me for interactive, fun events. I enjoy teaching and know how to keep groups engaged. Everyone loves talking about food!

Optional: I can bring food for sampling (contact me for details and pricing).

Length: 1-2 hours, customized to your needs. More time means more hands-on activities, examples, and time for discussion. Participant evaluations often request longer sessions, so if you can fit it in your schedule, I recommend closer to 2 hours.

Speaking fee: $350 for up to 2 hours, plus travel time and expenses for events outside of Calgary.

Using food to address blood pressure without “being on a diet.”
Picture of olive oil, mushrooms and tomatoes
Are you concerned about blood pressure? Let’s talk about salt, sodium, and how to reduce your intake while still enjoying flavourful foods. We’ll also explore DASH and other plant-centric eating patterns that have been shown to lower blood pressure as well as LDL cholesterol.
Eating Well On The Go
Do you travel a lot or eat on the go around town? Heart-healthy restaurant food can be tough to find, but some choices are more nutritious than others. Join me as we explore restaurant menus and discuss strategies to can help you fuel up and feel your best when you’re away from home.
Eating for Energy
Are you dragging by 3pm? Do you want to be more productive, alert, and energetic? Join me for an interactive session to sort myth from reality in the confusing world of eating for energy. Learn which foods and eating habits can fight fatigue and get you through the day feeling great.
Health and Weight
Vintage scales with strawberries
Have you been advised to lose weight? Join us for a supportive and surprising discussion about weight and heart health. We’ll talk about why dieting sets you up for failure and how you can optimize your health without the ups and downs.
Sugar: Pleasure or Poison?
Consuming too much sugar on a regular basis can increase your risk of some health problems, but on the other hand, restricting sugar can trigger cravings and impair our relationship with food. Learn how much is recommended, where it’s found, and strategies for addressing cravings. Knowledge is power. Let’s relax and enjoy eating again.
Protein and Heart Health
Do you get enough protein? Do you get it throughout the day, to help slow down age-related muscle loss, keep your blood sugar steady and keep from getting too hungry? Are you getting it from foods that support heart health? Join me for a discussion of the latest research and practical protein pointers.

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