You can rely on me for interactive, fun events. I enjoy teaching and know how to keep groups engaged. Everyone loves talking about food!

Length: 1-2 hours, customized to your needs. More time means more hands-on activities, examples, and time for discussion. Participant evaluations often request longer sessions, so if you can fit it in your schedule, I recommend 2 hours.

Speaking fee: $250 for up to 2 hours, plus travel time and expenses for talks outside of Calgary.

Get the Goods on Grains and Gluten
Was Wheat Belly author Dr. William Davis right when he said “Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight”? Is modern wheat making us sick? Should you be putting gluten-free foods in your shopping cart? We’ll clear up some of the confusion about gluten, wheat, and carbs.
Enlightened Eating On The Go
Traveling or on the go? If you care about your health but want something tasty too, fast food can be a real challenge. Join me as we explore local restaurant menus and find choices that hit the sweet spot – delicious and nutritious.
Eating for Energy
Are you dragging by 3pm? Do you want to be more productive, alert, and energetic? Join me for an interactive session to sort myth from reality in the confusing world of eating for energy. Learn which foods and eating habits can fight fatigue and get you through the day feeling great.
Health and Weight 101
Vintage scales with strawberries
Are you struggling with your weight? You’re not alone – more than 60% of Canadians are considered overweight. Join us for a supportive and honest discussion on the relationship of weight to health (it’s not what you’d expect), what works, what doesn’t, and what to expect when you’re ready to take on this challenging problem.
Sugar: Pleasure or Poison?
Are you worried about sugar? Maybe you should be, but maybe not. A little sugar is fine, but a too much can derail your health. Learn how much is too much, which foods to watch for, and how to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way.
Protein and Heart Health
Do you get enough protein? Probably. But do you get it at the optimal times of day for weight management, blood sugar control, and to maintain strength? Are you getting it from the heart-healthiest sources? Most Canadians aren’t. Join me for a discussion of the latest research and practical protein pointers.

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