Do you struggle with having to come up with healthy and quick meal ideas, day after day?
Does ever-changing nutrition advice drive you crazy?
Are you tired of feeling guilty about eating the “wrong” things?

Eating doesn’t have to be so hard! Heart-healthy, delicious food that’s right for you is within reach. That’s what I call the sweet spot.


Hi! I’m Cheryl, and I’ve been helping people gain confidence around food, nutrition, and health as a dietitian since 2005.

My specialty is heart disease: Optimizing nutrition-related risk factors (high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol) while honouring your right to enjoy eating and live your life.

I believe in:

  • Regular, delicious food (not strict diets)
  • Cooking, packing snacks, and potlucks (often)
  • Eating ice cream (maybe not every day)
  • Evidence-backed approaches (not fads)
  • Focusing on health gained (not weight lost)
  • Practical, realistic solutions (not perfection)
  • Independence (not sponsored posts)
  • Moving often, fresh air, self-care and hugs.

I worked for nearly nine years with Calgary’s cardiac rehabilitation program. Over 1700 people with heart disease go through the program every year, most of them counting their lucky stars after surviving a heart attack.

In 2014 I went into private practice, so I could help people prevent, not just manage, heart disease.

Since then I’ve worked on a study at University of Calgary, coached people individually, and even been interviewed on CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener (about fast food saladscoconut oil, and Calgary Stampede food).

But my focus these days is helping people with heart problems navigate food and nutrition, either in person or via this blog full of practical tips. (I also love to speak at workplace wellness events.)

Why should you trust me?

Nutrition information is everywhere. On the Internet, on your TV, coming from well-meaning friends and family. And often one expert conflicts with another. So why work with me?

In addition to my cardiac experience, I’m a registered dietitian. That means that unlike the sea of health coaches, self-proclaimed nutrition experts, and other pseudo-health professionals out there, we’re regulated health professionals, like nurses, physicians, and pharmacists.

National guidelines for management of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease recommend working with a registered dietitian.

Dietitians have met strict education requirements and are governed by professional standards, including:

  • Providing only evidence-based guidance
  • Practicing ethically
  • Participating in professional education every single year, to ensure our knowledge is up to date.

We don’t have all the answers. Nutrition is still an evolving science. But I’ll help you focus on the fundamentals upon which experts agree, and let go of the distractions that make eating seem so complicated.

I never do sponsored posts or other work for the food industry, so you can be confident that my recommendations are 100% independent.

Five things you might not know about me

  1. Although I’m proudly from Calgary, I have degrees from two California universities and qualified to become a Registered Dietitian at a third.
  2. I’ve also worked in Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. (Green card, surrendered.)
  3. My MBA is from UC Berkeley, where I also did my dietetic internship. I love the Bay Area! My home away from home.
  4. Prior to becoming a dietitian, I worked in sales and marketing, but my favourite part was providing great customer service, so I decided to pursue a career where helping people was the primary goal, not just a means to an end.
  5. That led me to almost take an offer to be a management consultant, but I ultimately decided that I loved food and healthy living more than software implementations, so I took a leap and went back to university for the third time. People thought I was crazy, but secretly I think they were just jealous.

Plus there’s this. (How I keep busy when not sweet spotting.)

 If you want to learn more about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Let’s get you eating in your sweet spot

Delicious, time-saving, affordable food that also supports your health is within reach.

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