Cheryl (Proctor) Strachan, RD, MBA | Registered Dietitian

Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of people on their journey to heart healthier eating. My specialty is addressing nutrition-related heart disease risk factors, including high blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, while honouring your need to enjoy food and live your life.

Hi! I’m Cheryl, and I’ve been helping people make sense of food, nutrition, and health as a dietitian since 2005. I believe in:

  • Real, delicious food (not strict diets)
  • Eating ice cream (not every day)
  • Evidence-backed approaches (not fads)
  • Practical, realistic solutions (not perfection)
  • Supporting my clients (never judging)
  • Independent guidance (never sponsored)
  • Cooking, packing snacks, and potlucks
  • Moving often, fresh air, self-care and hugs.

I worked for nearly nine years with Calgary’s cardiac rehabilitation program. Over 1700 people with heart disease go through the program every year, most of them counting their lucky stars after surviving a heart attack. It’s an incredible place, home to some of Canada’s leading cardiologists, cardiac nurses, and exercise specialists.

I enjoyed working with those heroes, but I wanted to do more, to provide a level of support not possible within the busy public health system. And I wanted to help prevent heart problems in the first place. I’ve been in private practice since 2014 and loving it.

Why should you trust me?

Nutrition information is everywhere. On the Internet, on your TV, coming from well-meaning friends and family. And often one expert conflicts with another. So why work with me?

In addition to my cardiac experience, I’m a registered dietitian. That means that unlike the sea of health coaches, nutrition consultants, and other pseudo-health professionals out there, I’m a regulated health professional. National guidelines for management of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease recommend working with a registered dietitian.

Dietitians have met strict education requirements and are governed by professional standards, including:

  • Providing only evidence-based guidance
  • Practicing ethically
  • Participating in professional education every single year, to ensure our knowledge is up to date.

Only registered dietitians and registered nutritionists are regulated in this way, similar to registered nurses, pharmacists, and physicians.

We don’t have all the answers. Nutrition is still an evolving science. But I’ll help you focus on the fundamentals upon which experts agree, and let go of the distractions that make eating seem so complicated.

Let’s keep it real

I’m definitely not perfect, and I don’t want you to be either. Put a bowl of potato chips in front of me at a party, and I’ll nibble. Strict rules are a recipe for disaster. Once you break them, now where do you go? Usually off the rails in a big way, if you’re like most people.

I know that most of what I eat supports my health, so I don’t lose any sleep over food chosen occasionally more for pleasure. And you shouldn’t either. Same goes for convenience foods and eating out. We’re all busy, and sometimes life* happens.

* life

The good news is, delicious, time-saving, affordable food that also supports your health exists. And that’s what I call the sweet spot.

I’m here to help you find your sweet spot. Because you deserve to love the food you eat as well as be there for the people and the life you love.

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The Sweet Spot

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