COVID-19 Update

While we’re all practicing physical distancing to help save lives, I’m doing all of my consults virtually, using a secure platform designed for healthcare professionals. Feel free to reach out to me for a free introductory call if you’re struggling with food at this stressful time. Happy to help you stay well.

(Sorry to say I can’t do this with residents of BC, Ontario, Quebec, and PEI due to regulations set by their dietetic colleges. But if you live there and need a referral, look on the Dietitians of Canada website or email me.)


Meet & Greet

Start with a quick chat. Ask me anything. I can provide you with resources and/or recipes. No pressure, I like to give you a chance to assess whether we’re a good fit. 

30 minutes (virtual) .
no charge .

Clarity Session

If you’re a self-starter, just book one consultation. Includes a cardiac nutrition assessment, recommendation report, and answers to your burning questions. 

75 minutes (virtual) .
$150 .
($175 for a couple) .

Grocery Store Consultation

Let’s shop (online)! I’ll show you some of my favourite heart-healthy and convenient foods, you ask all the questions you can squeeze into an hour. 

75 minutes (online: PC Express,, or . 
$150 ($100 if you’ve previously had a Clarity Session) . 

Meal Planning Session

Are you struggling to come up with interesting, healthy meals, day after busy day? We’ll make a meal planning routine that works for you and set you up with an individualized list of go-to breakfasts, snacks, and entrees. 

75 minutes (virtual) .
$150 ($100 if you’ve previously had a Clarity Session) .

Follow-Up Consultations

We’ll review your progress, troubleshoot, and adjust your plan as necessary.

45-minutes (virtual) .
$100 .


HumanaCare EAP Consultations

If your benefits include an EAP provided by HumanaCare, you may be able to work with me under that plan for defined number of 50-minute sessions, as determined by HumanaCare. Contact your benefits coordinator for details. Once you’ve been approved, you can book here.


If you want to offer a fun, interactive nutrition workshop to your employees or clients, I’m happy to help, and we can do it via webinar too. All about that here, including topics and services.


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard

Between the media, the Internet, diets, and your helpful family, sometimes you can feel lost.


It doesn’t have to be that way!

Most nutrition experts agree on the fundamentals of eating to support good health. And there are lots of ways to get there. 

One that works for you, I’m willing to bet. That’s what I call your sweet spot. That place where healthy, delicious, and right for you overlap.

I’m here to help you find your Sweet Spot. It might take a little time and some experimentation. Even once you know what to do, you may struggle to consistently do it. But once you really find your Sweet Spot, you’ll get to relax and confidently enjoy great food that supports heart health.

Check your benefits.

Dietitan services are often covered by extended benefits plans. If not, perhaps you can ask for it! Make your case with the help of this infographic.

Either way, health spending accounts will also cover our visits. (Double-check with your provider so there are no surprises!)

Let’s find your sweet spot.

If cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugars or any other nutrition-related aspect of cardiovascular health is your primary concern and…

  • You want to say goodbye to food stress.
  • You’re done with dieting — losing weight only to gain it back in a year or two. 
  • You do want to eat for better health, energy, and satisfaction.

Start by scheduling an introductory call and we’ll go from there!