18 things you might not know about dietitians

18 Things You Might Not Know About Dietitians

In honour of Dietitians’ Day in Canada, I thought I’d share a bit about this profession I’m so proud to be a part of. Disclaimer: Unlike good nutrition advice, this list is anecdotal, as in, based on my personal experience. I’m sure you can find exceptions, but based on the hundreds of dietitians I’ve had the honour and pleasure of working with, here are 18 things you might not know about us:

  1. We eat ice cream. Without guilt. Maybe not every day.
  2. We are passionate about food and nutrition.
  3. And have at least one degree in it.

    Dietitians toured the Calgary Farmers' Market last week with Karen Anderson of Calgary Food Tours. We do love good food.
    Dietitians toured the Calgary Farmers’ Market last week with Karen Anderson of Calgary Food Tours. We love good food.
  4. We cook. A lot.
  5. But we’re not above shortcuts. Canned beans, frozen fruit, and even store-bought chicken stock can likely be found in a dietitian’s pantry near you.
  6. And we love a good restaurant meal too. Again, not every day.
  7. We have the BEST potlucks.
  8. We are also nutritionists. (But not all nutritionists are Registered Dietitians. Check credentials. We’re members of our provincial colleges.)
  9. We eat pasta. (And other gluten-containing foods, unless we have a medical reason not to.)
  10. Dairy too. (Not vegans, of which there are quite a few).
  11. We eat our vegetables. (Some stereotypes are true.)
  12. We pack snacks. Bigtime.
  13. We won’t make you eat kale. (We won’t make you eat anything. We’re here to support you in achieving your health goals.)
  14. We’re regulated by provincial colleges, just like registered nurses, pharmacists, and physicians. That means ongoing professional education and ethical, evidence-based conduct.
  15. We won’t give you a hard time or judge you if your diet isn’t perfect. It’s not our place to judge and perfection isn’t the goal anyhow.
  16. We get that healthy eating can be a challenge.
  17. Our services are covered by many insurance plans. Check with your benefits department.
  18. We don’t put butter in our coffee. No, not even organic grass-fed butter. Seriously people.

Happy #DietitiansDay, and happy #NutritionMonth! Comments or questions? Come on over to the Sweet Spot Nutrition Facebook page.

(This turned into a bit of a series!

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