Cardiac Support Group starts online community

Cardiac Support Group starts online community

Cardiac Support Group starts online community

If you or a loved one has had a heart attack, stent, bypass, or other heart problem, you might be interested to know that Calgary’s Heart to Heart Support Society now has a Facebook group to facilitate ongoing support, encouragement, and friendship for those adjusting to life after a cardiac event.

History of the Heart to Heart Support Society

Heart to Heart cardiac support groupHeart to Heart has been around since 1985, with active members who’ve learned to live a full life with heart disease since not long after that. It’s based in Calgary but open to anyone in Alberta, including cardiac patients and their partners, families, and friends. (There have also been chapters in Drumheller, Brooks, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.)

During the past 30+ years Heart to Heart has:

  • Hosted monthly meetings for socializing and with speakers who provide health tips
  • Spawned two special interest groups (Woman to Woman and The Phoenix Club, for younger men)
  • Raised $500,000 for Calgary Health Trust, which was donated to various heart programs
  • Visited patients in the cardiac wards at local hospitals, providing support and encouragement
  • Published a newsletter three times a year.

Cardiac support group meets over lunch or coffee

But as the years have passed, fewer and fewer people have been able to attend monthly meetings. I’ve spoken several times and was struck by the shrinking numbers for such a worthwhile organization.

The vision: Support more Albertans

So I offered to set up a Facebook group for Heart to Heart. I’ve committed to posting events, resources, and questions to stimulate conversation for at least two years, to help get the online cardiac support group off the ground.

My hope is that this will enable Heart to Heart to grow and thrive, and perhaps generate more sub-groups, such as walking clubs or a downtown lunch meetup.

Having a cardiac event can be frightening, but you can reclaim your life, as the good folks at Heart to Heart will help you see.

A cardiac support group can support your healthy lifestyle change.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash


If you’d like to go in person, meetings are generally held every third Wednesday at 11:30am, at the Legion on Horton Road.

The Woman to Woman group meets at Repsol Sports Centre on the first Tuesday of each month at 4pm.

And if you’re interested in the Facebook group, you can join here (you need a Facebook account).