The Most Important, Overlooked Advice in Canada’s Food Guide

The Canada’s Food Guide was updated in early 2019. What can you recall about the changes?

The milk group is gone?
Choose more plant-based protein?
Fill half of your plate with vegetables and fruit?

All true, but few are focusing on the idea that “Healthy eating is more than the foods you eat”. That where, when, why and how we eat is as important, perhaps more important than what we eat.That food has the potential to do so much more than simply fuel us and improve health: It can also bring people together, build bridges, and enhance our lives.

It’s this aspect of Canada’s new food guide that I want to zero in on today. The suggestions to:

Cook more often.
Eat with others.
Enjoy your food.
Honour culture and food traditions.

Simple advice really, but are we doing it?

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