Thank you for joining us! I’m so glad you’re here. Eating to support better heart health is doable even for the busiest among us. Having a system makes it easier, and these tools can help.

Meal Planning Checklist

How to use it My approach is to just pick 1-2 breakfasts, lunches, and snacks to use throughout the week. Then pick 2-5 meals for supper, depending on how much you want to cook versus eat out or use leftovers. Keep it simple.

Learn more about how I use this tool here.

Meal Planning Checklist (PDF) – Just print and take it for a spin. If you find it helps you solidify your routine, you can print a stack of them and pull out a new one each week.

Meal Planning Checklist (Word) – Use this one if you want to modify and adapt it to your meal planning routine. You can even copy and paste into a digital note-taking tool if you prefer that.

Go-To Meal and Snack List

This is a list of my favourite meals and snacks, to help get you freshen up your meal plans. Learn more about how I use this tool here.

Go-To Meals and Snacks (PDF) – Link to some of my favourite heart-healthy recipes.

Go-To Meals and Snacks (Word) – To make your weekly meal planning as easy as possible, create your own “Go-To List,” featuring your favourite heart healthy recipes. Make a copy of mine, add your favourites, and take out what you won’t realistically make. You can always save a copy of the original in case you need new ideas down the line.

Pre-Populated Grocery List (generic)

If you’re a fan of paper lists, print a few of these and see if it saves you time creating your list and shopping for your weekly groceries. When your meal plan is ready, simply add needed foods to this grocery list. Learn more about how I use this tool here.

Grocery List (PDF) – Just print and use as is.

Grocery List (Word) – If you like, you can use this Word version to personalize it and create your weekly heart-healthy shopping list.

Pre-Populated Costco List

If you shop at Costco often, you may find it handy to have a separate pre-printed Costco list.

Costco List (PDF) – Just print and go.

Costco List (Word) – Personalize with your Costco favourites.

Yay you!

Meal planning can help you save money, save time, relax about food, and put healthier food on the table, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. I applaud you for making it a priority.

For more details about setting up a great meal-planning system, check out this blog post.