One-on-One Consultations

What to eat? When to eat it? How much to eat? How to make it taste good? And what if you’re really just craving chocolate?

There’s no shortage of confusion and contradictory advice when it comes to heart-healthy eating. 

The good news is you don’t need to do it alone – Sweet Spot Nutrition has your back.

* I’m only able to offer this service to Alberta residents, but others are welcome to explore the Sweet Spot Kitchen community.

Consultations Offered

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation will start with an assessment of where you are and a clarification of where you want to go. 

From there, we’ll put together a simple plan to help you get there, bolstered by supporting resources and light email support for up to four weeks following your appointment. 

Follow-up Consultations

Heart-healthy eating is a lifelong endeavour, and people usually find they get better at it with support along the way.

Whether you’ve been finding success and are looking to fine tune your approach, or need some troubleshooting, I’ll be happy to help with problem solving.

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Cheryl is an exceptional teacher and a motivating dietitian dedicated to bringing practical healthy recommendations to eating heart healthy daily. Patients would comment on the wealth of knowledge Cheryl would share with them to ease their concerns in a supportive and kind way.

Michele Peart, RN, Registered Nurse