3 Ways to Shop Less Often While Eating for Heart Health

Does it feel like a heart-healthy diet requires a grocery shop every few days, what with all the fruit, vegetables and cooking? But thanks to COVID, we want to limit trips to the store, right? What to do?

1. Plan!

Sorry, I say this a lot, but it’s true! Make a simple meal plan so you can take a list and get everything you need.

It’s easier than you might think! You don’t have to itemize every bite you’re going to eat. Instead, just figure out 3-5 meals for supper. The other days you can repurpose leftovers, get creative with pantry staples, or eat out.

For breakfast and snacks, I suggest rotating between 2-3 favourites. You can add one extra recipe to the plan if you want to mix things up.

For lunch, look to your leftovers. Cook once, eat twice! Or, if leftovers aren’t your favourite, make a big whole grain salad, chili, or a hearty soup that will provide lunch for several days.

2. Mix perishables with longer-lasting produce

Make sure to pick up longer lasting fruit and vegetables to feed you towards the end of the week, such as:

Fruit that will ripen on the counter, like apricots, avocados, kiwi, mangoes, melons, nectarines, peaches, pears, bananas and plums; apples, pomegranates, and oranges, which will last at least a week in the fridge; and frozen fruit for variety.Butternut squash can help you shop less often

Vegetables: Bell peppers, kale, mushrooms, zucchini, which will last close to a week; then beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, parsnips, celery root, and winter squash; and again frozen vegetables can get you across the finish line.

3. Order online

If you prefer fresh food more often, try ordering online. We use PC Express (Superstore) weekly and ordering takes just about ten minutes. Other options for pickup or delivery in Calgary include Save On Foods, Walmart, Sunterra Market, Instacart, and Spud.ca. (I have no affiliation with any of these.)

Hope this helps you to shop less often, stay safe and stay well!

What are your tricks for stretching the time between shops? Chime in on Facebook.


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