Ready to eat for heart health and satisfaction? 

Join our program and learn to use nutrition to address cardiac risk factors like high blood sugars, reduce your risk of an event, and get back to enjoying food again.

I'm getting ready to welcome more new members in early January. 

If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart problem, food may feel like the enemy.

But even after open heart surgery, you may get just a booklet, a class, or one meeting with a dietitian, and be sent on your way. 

Now what?

If you're now frustrated by:

  • Confusion about what, how much, and when to eat
  • Contradictory advice from friends, family, experts online, and even healthcare professionals
  • A lack of time or energy for cooking
  • Family members who aren't on board
  • A gap between what you feel you "should" eat versus what you really want when hunger strikes

... you're not alone.

It seems like adopting a heart-healthier diet should be straightforward, but many people continue to struggle.

woman under stress

Support to fill the gap:

After your heart diagnosis, people need ongoing support and guidance. 

Knowing what to eat after a heart diagnosis isn’t enough. 

It turns out that the real challenge is doing it consistently, week after week. Life slowly returns to normal(ish) and old habits fight their way back.

And that’s where the Sweet Spot Kitchen comes in.

happy cook

Introducing... The Sweet Spot Kitchen

The Sweet Spot Kitchen is both online program and community.

We start with courses on cardiac nutrition fundamentals and meal planning. Then we work on your heart-healthy meal and snack repertoire, all the while supporting you in making these sometimes significant lifestyle changes. 

You can join for just a month or two, or if you find the ongoing support and community beneficial, stay as long as you like.

What you'll find

mini-course: Cardiac nutrition fundamentals we're all starting on the same page with respect to what, when, and how much to eat.

It’s 5 weeks of bite-sized content, or you can binge it if you prefer.

MINI-COURSE: Meal planning help you establish a simple system for collecting meal ideas and a regular routine for planning, shopping, prep, and cooking.

Similarly, this is designed as a 3-week project, but you can take it at whatever pace you like.

ongoing PROGRAMS help you grow your repertoire, meal by meal, with one new focus area every month.

The Breakfast and Lunch material is already there, and over the next five months we’ll be doing Pulses/Legumes, Navigating the Holidays, Eating Out and On the Go, Getting More Vegetables, and Fish/ Omega-3.

resource library

...including recipe collections, meal planning tools and templates, and a small but growing FAQ collection.


...where you can connect with other members and Cheryl with your questions, recipe finds, and meal ideas.

A place to open up about your experiences with your heart and your diet...

Can you relate?

"You had a 90% blockage? Mine was 99%! Can you imagine? I'm lucky to be alive."
“Sometimes it’s easier to just buy the food we've always bought”
"I never used to take pills at all. Now I have ten different prescriptions!"
"I know how to eat healthy it's just I can't get there."

Work through the highs and lows of changing your eating habits with people who've been there too.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of The Sweet Spot Kitchen

About Cheryl

Cheryl Strachan is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, cardiac specialist, and author of the best-selling 30-Minute Heart Healthy Cookbook. She has worked on and off since 2005 with Calgary's cardiac rehabilitation program, and she founded Sweet Spot Nutrition in 2014.

Cheryl is on a mission to help people with heart concerns learn to eat for wellbeing and enjoyment

healthcare professionals who know Cheryl 

Raj Bhardwaj, MD

Family & Urgent Care Physician, House Doctor at CBC Radio
Calgary, Canada

"Cheryl’s pragmatic and well-balanced approach to food is so refreshing!

It’s good to hear that we can still embrace food and enjoy eating, without having to analyze every bite."

Tyler Threlfall, CEP

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Calgary, Canada

"Having worked with Cheryl for over 15 years I can honestly say there is no one I trust more when it comes to nutrition education.

She is personal, practical, and incredibly well informed. I am confident she can help anyone lead a healthy lifestyle."

Julia Heos, RD

Registered Dietitian

Ontario, Canada

"If you're looking for a dietitian to help you improve your heart health, Cheryl is the best choice! Her approach is practical, realistic and weight-inclusive."

Todd Anderson, MD

Vice-Dean and Professor of Cardiac Sciences, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Calgary, Canada

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl in the past for educational activities related to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute. She is a RD with great knowledge and passion about nutrition and cardiovascular health.

She is able to convey the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar as part of preventative strategies. Both her scientific knowledge and practical advice are well received by the public. She is a delight to work with. I can highly recommend her expertise."

Andrea Hardy, RD

Registered Dietitian

Founder of Ignite Nutrition, and Host of the Let's Gut Real podcast

Calgary, Canada

"Cheryl is a leader in Calgary on all things heart health! I love her cookbook on heart healthy eating - it’s so practical and nutritious - I can’t wait to share with my patients!"

Frances Vettergreen, MD CCFP FCFP

Family Physician 

Calgary, Canada

"Cheryl takes an evidence-based, practical and delicious approach to heart-healthy eating, and follows Health at Any Size principles. Highly recommend."

Michele Peart, RN

Registered Nurse,

Calgary, Canada

"I have had the absolute pleasure working alongside Cheryl in an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program where the focus was supporting individuals along their heart health journey.

Cheryl is a dynamic dietitian engaging with patients individually or in a group setting offering guidance and realistic information about heart healthy eating.

Cheryl is an exceptional teacher and a motivating dietitian dedicated to bringing practical healthy recommendations to eating heart healthy daily. Patients would comment on the wealth of knowledge Cheryl would share with them to ease their concerns in a supportive and kind way. 

When anyone asks about nutritional health and support instantly I send them Cheryl’s contact information. Sweet Spot Nutrition truly represents Cheryl’s commitment to helping people nutritionally succeed."

What makes Sweet Spot unique?

In case you don't know me yet:

  • I have a weight-inclusive practice. That means I welcome and respect people of all sizes. My work focuses on health gained, not weight lost.
  • I love food! I support eating for enjoyment as much as for heart health. Plus I think that's the only way it can be sustainable for people.
  • I take a big picture approach, going beyond nutrients to foods, but also beyond foods to overall eating patterns, and most importantly, your overall life. Sometimes eating is for mental as well as physical health, and that matters too.
  • I'm a cardiac nutrition veteran. I've worked with thousands of people who have or are at risk for heart disease for 17 years now. I know that the key challenge isn't knowing what what to do but actually following through and doing it.
  • I'm non-judgemental. We're all working to do the best we can, given the cards we're dealt. If you tell us you ate a couple of donuts after a frantic morning, I won't give you a hard time, promise! 
  • Sweet Spot food is heart-healthy, delicious, and right for you, and you still deserve that, even after a heart event. (Yes even with diabetes or high cholesterol!)  

If this sounds right for you, we've saved you a (sweet) spot! 

the practical stuff:

  • The next round of registration will open in early January.
  • The price will be CAD $29/month (or about USD $22 right now).
  • As I continue to add content and refine the program, the price for new registrations will rise, but whenever you join, you lock in your price. 
  • Cancel anytime.

Private weekly sessions with me cost $380/month ($480 for the first month).
The Sweet Spot Kitchen offers ongoing dietitian and group support for a much more accessible price.

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If for any reason you find that this program isn't for you, just get in touch within 7 days of a payment and we'll get you a swift refund of the current month's fee.


How long will I have access to the program?

You'll have unlimited access, across any devices you own, until the end of the month in which you cancel. You can download and keep recipes and meal planning templates, but videos and discussion boards are only available inside of the paid community.

What is your refund policy?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you decide it isn't a good fit for any reason, contact me within 7 days for a refund of that month's fee. You can cancel anytime by emailing 

Can I do the program if I haven't had a heart event?

Of course! Many people in the group have had a heart attack, stent, or bypass, but some have congenital heart disease and others are concerned about their risk and are keen to avoid future heart health problems.

What if I have nutrition questions?

If you have a question, likely others do too. Ask away! We'll have at least one live call a month, and you can also post questions in the community. You can also ask a question privately by email:

Note, however, that this program is for information and education, and support. I can't provide medical nutrition therapy in this forum, nor is this meant to replace the guidance of your healthcare team.

How much time will this take?

The two mini-courses I’ve included will take you about an hour a week if you space them out over eight weeks.

After you have those fundamentals and meal planning habits under your belt, expect to spend 15-60 minutes a week if you want to take advantage of everything. The goal is bite-sized content to help keep you on track.

Do I need to have the 30-Minute Heart Healthy Cookbook?

No, but I will refer to recipes in the book, so if you have it, you'll get more value out of it by joining us. It's available anywhere books are sold. If you're in Calgary, I have a small stash as well, if you'd like a signed copy.

Will I lose weight with this program?

Our focus will be on better health, but I can't in good conscience guarantee weight loss — every body is unique. I can, however, commit to sharing tools and insights that will help you eat to reduce your risk of future heart issues and enjoy the food while you're at it!

I unconditionally respect, welcome and support all people and bodies in my practice. I follow Health at Every Size® principles and strive to support your wellbeing, regardless of what happens with your weight.

Who is this program not for?

If you suspect that you have an eating disorder, you'd be better served by an eating disorder program or counsellor. If you aren't sure, you can use this screening tool or talk to your doctor.

If you're thinking "I just need a meal plan to follow," this program will disappoint. Our mission is to tune into the wisdom within you, and develop eating habits that work for your unique situation. There's no one-size-fits-all sweet spot.

And if you have another medical condition, such as chronic kidney disease, for which dietary recommendations conflict with heart disease guidance, individual help from a dietitian will be more appropriate. (Our approach to type 2 diabetes however, will be quite similar, so no worries if you have that.) 

Can I join if I'm not in Alberta or even Canada?

Absolutely! This course is for information, education, and support. It doesn't provide medical nutrition therapy nor is it meant to replace the guidance of your healthcare team.

What time will you do the live sessions?

I release new material every Thursday, since many people have time to review and cook on the weekends. The live sessions are at 5pm Mountain (7pm Eastern), but you can watch recordings whenever you like.

You deserve to eat for satisfaction and heart health.

Whether you'd like to eat more veggies, address cravings, practice with heart-healthier proteins, expand your repertoire, or let go of perfectionism and learn to trust your inner wisdom with respect to food, I'm here to support you. 

(Be the first to know when registration opens again.)