#SweetSpotFood: 500+ Easy, Delicious, Heart Healthy Meal & Snack Ideas

500 meal and snack ideas? I know what you’re thinking. Has she lost it completely? I sometimes put too much information in blog posts. But this isn’t one of those times, promise. I’m just celebrating a milestone: There are now over 500 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #sweetspotfood.

(A quick explanation, if you’re not an Instagram user, because you can still use this: When people share pictures on Instagram and other social media tools, they can describe them with words or combinations of words preceded by a hashtag (#), like #sweetspotfood . If you click on them, you’ll see other pictures that have same hashtag descriptor. It’s a fun way to explore pictures around a particular theme, like #lovepulses, for example, which can give you ideas for what to do with beans and lentils.)

What can you find in the #sweetspot food hashtag?

As of today, you’ll find 501 meals, snacks, and food ideas mostly, but not all, posted by me. Most are just quick pictures I take while cooking or eating… no fancy food photography here! Practical is the goal.

For the most part, something gets the #sweetspotfood label if I think it’s tasty, supports heart health, and can be easily prepared, because that’s my food sweet spot. Yours might be a bit different, but if you typically like the recipes I share, you’ll find #sweetspotfood to be a treasure trove of delicious inspiration to help you mix things up in the kitchen.

Just click the #sweetspotfood link and you’ll see a panel of food pics, like this:


As of today, there are 501 in there!

If you want to check something out, just click it and you’ll get a brief description, like this:

I try to describe the recipe in enough detail that you can make it or at least find the recipe online. Sometimes I’ll put the recipe link in my Instagram profile, but just for a day or two, so those won’t be there for old posts. If you need help finding a recipe, just shoot me a quick message and I’ll send it your way.

So take a peek, and if you aren’t already, consider signing up for Instagram and following me and the #sweetspotfood hashtag if you’d like a regular infusion of fun, tasty, heart-healthy food ideas. Or you can always sign up for my weekly emails, where I share the blog post of the week and a highlight of what’s happening in my kitchen.

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