Focused One Goal Sessions

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Focused One Goal Sessions

One meeting, one goal: Meal planning mastery, healthy kitchen design, savvy grocery shopping, or enlightened eating out.

    • Right for you if you need…

… help with meal planning – Having a meal plan is the key to putting delicious, healthy food on the table, day after day.


… a kitchen makeover – Your home food environment is critical to success with healthy eating, so let’s tour your kitchen together. No judgment, I promise!


… to be a savvier shopper. – The average supermarket carries over 42,000 items! No wonder shopping can feel overwhelming.


… help with restaurant eating. – As much as we would all love to eat only homemade food, real life sometimes means grabbing something on the run.

  • Details

    Meal Planning Mastery
    Two 1-hour meetings. In our first meeting, we’ll work together to develop your personalized planning system and lists of healthy snacks and go-to meals from breakfast to supper.

    In our second meeting we’ll use your personalized tools to do your first meal plan, so you can hit the ground running.

    Healthy Kitchen Design
    One 2-hour meeting. We’ll look through your pantry, freezer, and fridge for foods that promote good health, and we’ll make you a shopping list for what’s missing. We’ll also look at factors that unconsciously influence eating behaviour, like what’s on the counter and where the temptations are stashed.

    Savvy Grocery Shopping
    One 2-hour session at the store of your choice. Let’s do your shopping together and find your sweet spot foods – healthy and delicious. I’ll show you my top ten healthy convenience foods and we’ll create a personalized shopping list you can use every week.

    Bonus: Invite up to four friends. Each of you will make your own personalized shopping list with a template I provide.

    Enlightened Eating On-The-Go
    One 2-hour session at my office or your favourite food court. We’ll pour over the menus and nutrition information for your favourite fast-food restaurants and mine. Let’s make a plan to find your sweet spot on the go.

  • Investment


  • Bonus:

    All Focused Fix sessions $50 off (and a 1/2-hour shorter) if you’ve had a Heart Health Nutrition Assessment within the past 12 months.

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