Intensive Lifestyle Intervention

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Intensive Lifestyle Intervention

For people who are at serious risk for heart disease or diabetes and want support every step of the way back to good heart health.

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    …to make a major change. You’re ready to work hard, and you want help every step of the way.”

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    This program is modeled after the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a landmark clinical study in which participants reduced their risk of developing diabetes by 58%, and improved a host of other heart disease risk factors.

    As in the DPP, we’ll meet 16 times in the first 6 months and once every 2 months thereafter for a year. We’ll start with a Heart Health Nutrition Assessment. One week later, we’ll schedule a 45-minute meeting to plan your program. The DPP was a multi-disciplinary program, so we’ll engage exercise, medical, and health behaviour change professionals as needed. There will be reading and other homework.

    From there, we’ll continue having 45-minute meetings every week, skipping weeks as needed to accommodate holidays, travel, or other conflicts. Four of those meetings will be 90-minute Focused One Goal Sessions, based on your needs, or we can use that time to focus on other priorities. During the other sessions, we’ll follow the DPP curriculum, adjusting as needed.

    We can do our meetings over the phone or by Skype as needed, if meeting in person isn’t always possible for you. I will also be available to you by email during this time.

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