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Currently on a leave of absence

I am undergoing treatment for cancer, so am on leave of absence until about January 1, 2024. If you’d like to be updated when I’m returning to work, sign up for my email list here.

Ways I can support you

Meet & Greet

If you just have a quick question or want to make sure we’re a good fit.

Ask me anything. I’m happy to provide you with resources and/or recipes. No pressure, I like to give you a chance get comfortable with the idea of working with a dietitian before you commit.  

15 minutes  .
no charge .

Initial Consultation

Do you need clarity about how best to address a concerning heart risk factor? Help sorting out conflicting nutrition messages? Fresh fresh meal or snack ideas?

We start with an assessment of where you are and get clear about where you want to go. Then we make a plan to get you moving in that direction. You’ll get a follow-up email with a summary and supporting resources. I’m happy to provide light email support for four weeks after your appointment.

New! This service now includes a one-month membership in my paid community for people with heart concerns, the Sweet Spot Kitchen.

60 minutes, $195 .

Follow-Up Consultations

If you’re making significant changes to your eating habits, you may benefit from ongoing support. We’ll review your progress, troubleshoot, and adjust your plan as necessary.

Healthy eating can be a real challenge in our culture, so there’s no shame in seeking support to stay motivated and keep things fresh. The more often you connect with a coach or counsellor, the more likely you are to continue making progress, so take advantage!

Book a shorter session for a quick accountability check-in, a longer session if you have more questions or want to do additional work on one of the topics above. 

45 minutes, $95 .
30 minutes, $65 .
15 minutes, $35 .

 Sweet Spot Kitchen

If you’d benefit from long-term support at a lower cost, this group program is a great option. 

We start with courses on cardiac nutrition fundamentals and meal planning. Then we work on your heart-healthy meal and snack repertoire, all the while supporting you in making these sometimes significant lifestyle changes.

You can join for just a month or two, or if you find the ongoing support and community beneficial, stay as long as you like.

The Sweet Spot Kitchen opens for enrollment every few months. Learn more and sign up here.

per month, $27 .


Check your benefits

Dietitian services are often covered by extended benefits plans. If not, perhaps you can ask for it! Make your case with the help of this infographic.

Either way, health spending accounts will also cover our visits. (Double-check with your provider so there are no surprises!)


Sweet Spot Nutrition accepts credit cards and e-transfers. To pay by credit card, simply enter your number into our secure system when booking, and it will be charged immediately after our appointment. For e-transfers, contact me and we’ll set you up manually.



If you want to offer a fun, interactive nutrition workshop to your employees or clients, I’m happy to help, and we can do it via webinar too. All about that here, including topics and services.


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard

Between the media, the Internet, diets, and your helpful family, sometimes you can feel lost.


It doesn’t have to be that way!

Most nutrition experts agree on the fundamentals of eating to support good health. And there are lots of ways to get there. 

One that works for you, I’m willing to bet. That’s what I call your sweet spot. That place where healthy, delicious, and right for you overlap.

I’m here to help you find your Sweet Spot. It might take a little time and some experimentation. Even once you know what to do, you may struggle to consistently do it. But once you really find your Sweet Spot, you’ll get to relax and confidently enjoy great food that supports heart health.

Let’s find your sweet spot.

If cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugars or any other nutrition-related aspect of cardiovascular health is your primary concern and…

  • You want to say goodbye to food stress.
  • You’re done with dieting — losing weight only to gain it back in a year or two. 
  • You do want to eat for better health, energy, and satisfaction.

Start by scheduling an introductory call and we’ll go from there!