Samosas: A (Short) Short Story

I’m still catching up after last week’s deep dive on bread and heart health. Perhaps you too from reading it?

So hopefully you’ll forgive me for sharing just a very short story this week, in honour of Thanksgiving. The conversation happened, but I’ve changed details to protect privacy.

She was newly diagnosed with prediabetes and looking for dietary advice. We chatted for a while and I could sense her relaxing, increasingly confident that I wasn’t going to judge or shame her about her food choices.

Image by Ashish Choudhary from Pixabay

“I made samosas this week,” she said. “My sister said to ask you if they’re healthy,” she laughed.

My answer? “The effect of foods on our health isn’t just about nutrients or blood sugar response. It’s not just about physical health — food affects our emotional wellbeing too.

“Some foods bring back good memories, some connect us with others or are used in celebrations. So I’d say those foods are ‘healthy,’ but maybe not in the way you’re thinking.”

She was quiet for a moment. “My older sister passed away last year. She always loved to cook. My mother and younger sister and I made the samosas together. We were thinking of her, remembering how she liked to make them.”

Food can bring us together, and we need that now, more than ever. If you’re here in Canada, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, no matter what food is on the table. May you eat in a way that nourishes you, physically, emotionally, or maybe both!

No talk about fat, calories, sugar, or carbs. Food means so much more than that. If you want to talk about it (and don’t we love to talk food?), how about where it came from, the memories it evokes, or just how good it tastes?

Savour it, and the time together, if you’re fortunate enough to be with friends or family. Wishing you blue sky walks, piles of colourful leaves, and moments of gratitude.

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Photo by Ali Yasser Arwand from Pexels

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